THZ-81 Super Heroine Desperate! !! Vol.81 Dr. Genius’s Resentment! Crazy Sailor Mermaid Uta Sachino

THZ-80 Super Heroine Desperate !! Vol.80 Magna Pink ~ Magnetic Squadron Magnaman ~

THZ-79 Super Heroine Desperate! !! Vol.79 Knight God Squadron Legend Mirror Blue Fenrir Edition Mitsuki Nagisa

THZ-75 Super Heroine Desperate! ! Vol.75 Magnetic Sentai Magnaman Rui Hizuki

THZ-71 Super Heroine Desperate! !Vol.71 SP Soldier ~ Soldier Yellow Do Not Stop Shame! !~ Yuyama Sasayama

THZ-70 Super Heroine Desperate! !Vol.70 ~ Shadow Tektor ・ Kureha Chain Of Betrayal!The Body To Be Deceived And Destroyed

THZ-53 Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol.53 The Sisters are captured! The Final Battle of Chihiro Asuka!

THZ-49 Super Heroine Desperate Situation! !Vol.49 Sailor Hermes Edition Tomoda Ayaka

THZ-44 Super Heroine Desperate Situation !!Vol.44 Female Spy 03 Edition

Super Heroine Close Call! !! Vol.93 ~ Electromagnetic Human Beagle Rescue The Breaker Who Fell Into The Wrong Hands! ~ Natsu Tojo

THP-92 Super Heroine Close Call! !! Vol.92 Seiten Sentai Angel Ranger Rin Miyazaki

THP-91 Super Heroine Close Call! !! Vol.91 Criminal Squadron Secure Ranger Nanako Miyamura, A Requiem For A Kind-hearted Monster

THP-88 Super Heroine Close Call! !! Vol.88 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Aquas W-Fighting And Future Me …! 

THP-79 Super Heroine Close Call! !Vol.79 Pretty Soldier Yurika Kizaki’s Close Call!Electromagnetic Human Attack Begins Rio Okita

THP-70 Super Heroine Crisis! !Vol.70 ~ Founation Awakened Power ~ Urasu Saki

THP-69 Super Heroine Crisis! !Vol.69 Beautiful Saint Warrior Sailor Aquas

THP-63 Super Heroine Close Call! !Vol.63 Captain Marshall Chuncheon Sesera

THP-48 Super Heroine Crisis Is Over !!Vol.48 Pretty Soldier Sailor Athena

TGGP-92 Female Swordsman Pink Blade Vs Female Executive Desk Queen Love And Hate Flesh Doll

TGGP-85 Bishoujo Senshi Chian Nits W ~ Body Pleasure Weapon, And Manipulation W Insult ~

TGGP-84 Se Rine’s Star 2 ~ Humiliated Body Service ~

TGGP-83 Tears ~ RUI ~ Sayonara Requiem

TGGP-80 God Beast Squadron Bee Stranger Targeted Beast Yellow

TGGP-78 Sailor Suit Tentacle Dissolution Insult